The members of Tea Cup Gin share a passion for crafting original indie-jazz cocktails under the influence of an eclectic blend  of early 20th century musical genres.   The band stirs together unique melodies and lyrics, served up on two blazing acoustic guitars, with impassioned vocals, dynamic upright bass & percussion, and occasional guests on trombone, trumpet, violin, sax, & more.

Why the name “Tea Cup Gin”?   During prohibition, speakeasies served bootleg gin in ordinary tea cups to hide what was inside.  Although the band’s original songs may look innocent enough on the outside, you’ll soon taste a deliciously intoxicating blend of unexpected ingredients.  “Tea Cup Gin” evokes vintage speakeasy sounds, while being catchier than saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” 

Tea Cup Gin’s Debut Album
Featured in RELIX Magazine
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“Refresh your thirsty ears with TEA CUP GIN’s original musical cocktails, crafted from an eclectic blend of early 20th Century influences. Their debut album Underground Love is a crossroads of jazz noir, tin pan, and furious finger style blues, fueled by impassioned vocals, with a dash of Latin rhythms to spice up the mix.”

– Summer 2015 New Music Review & CD Sampler
                  RELIX MAGAZINE (Apr 15, 2015)